Homemade! If we can make it ourselves, we do so rather than using ready-made products. We mince the meat for our burgers freshly every day, developed the recipe for our Ketchup ourselves, the mayonnaise is made with extra virgin olive oil and the fries are hand cut. This personal note is the special ingredient of our burgers. Our suppliers are selected for the quality and freshness of their products. The bread is made using a special recepie by the organic bakery Schrott. Small producers are the sources for our tasty, local meat. However, a burger must not contain meat to taste good. Our vegetarian varieties prove to be delicious alternatives. We love to experiment with chickpeas, tofu, cheese, seasonal veggies and spices for our vegetarian burgers.

As seasonality is very important to us, the menu changes frequently with new innovations. Especially new salad creations emerge with the seasons. Herbs in spring, sun ripened tomatoes in summer, mushrooms in fall and sprouts in winter round up the healthy taste experience. We also experiment with the traditional french fries as company for burgers. Blue or red french fries are prepared freshly for our guests when in season.